Filing rules by country


Patent filing & translation requirements

Below we’ve listed the patent filing and translation requirements for Taiwan. Whilst we endeavour to ensure these regulations remain up-to-date, they are subject to change. We advise you check with the local patent office or relevant counsel regarding any questions about country specific regulations.

Direct Route: Filing & Translation Requirements in Taiwan
LanguageChinese (Traditional)
Filing Deadline12 months
Filing ExtensionNo
Translation Extension4-6 months for Specification
Power of AttorneyYes, should be submitted within four months from filing date
General POA AcceptedYes
Excess Claims Fee Due at FilingNo
Claims Amendment Possible at FilingYes
Fee for Amending Claims at FilingNo
Request for Examination DeadlineDue within 3 years from filing date
Can Examination be Requested at Filing?Yes
Priority Document3 months from filing date, Certified copy, No translation required

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