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Sun IP reduces your admin burden, allowing you to concentrate on higher value priorities

Trusted by over 700 clients in over 35 countries

Our greatest strength lies in our people

With over 100 professionals, led by industry leaders with 80+ years of combined IP experience, our exceptional team is the cornerstone of our success. Whether you are in the US, Europe, Asia or Latin America, our team is here to provide dedicated quality support whenever you need it. Additionally, our network of global agents and linguists have been carefully selected for their extensive subject matter expertise and industry experience.

filing rules by country at Sun IP

Our technology makes the complex simple

Navigating the complexities of IP lifecycle management can be daunting. But at Sun IP, you can easily simplify the process with our easy-to-use platform shaped by inputs from global IP experts. With just one click, you can do it all: produce an estimate, place instructions, run forecasts, or connect with us via our messaging system.

Need to integrate with your existing systems? We’ve got an API for that! And rest assured, all your data is safeguarded by industry-standard encryption that complies with international data security regulations. 

filing rules by country at Sun IP

We have a proven track record in delivering at the highest standard

15,000+ Global filings

1 Billion+ words translated

192 Jurisdictions covered
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

“I have been working with Sun IP since its inception and was part of the advisory group that reviewed the platform before it went live. The client care is exceptional! The team checks in with me regularly and always asks how they can help or how things can be improved. I have changed employment twice since working with Sun IP and have brought them on each time.” 

Paralegal, 24M Technologies 

We make it easy to secure your IP with a smarter, simplified, and streamlined approach to IP administration

Foreign Filing

Foreign filing can be chaotic, but we’ve simplified things through our efficient online process for placing instructions and managing follow-up actions. We reduce your  administrative burden, allowing you to concentrate on higher value priorities. 

Everything together

Centralize global filing through one platform, eliminating emails and fragmented processes 

Savings with clarity

Benefit from clear competitive pricing and full visibility of total costs on our platform 

Assured quality & reliability

Our experienced team have filed over 15K global patents so, your portfolio is in safe hands


With over a decade of experience, we specialize in accurate IP content translation, adhering to country-specific regulations. Our track record of translating over 1 billion words speaks for our top-notch quality and cost-effectiveness. 

Significant cost savings

Benefit from clear competitive pricing, precise word counting, and translation memory 

Quality assured 

With over 10 years’ experience, ISO 9001:2015 certification, and expert linguists, we ensure excellence 

Meeting tight deadlines with ease

Our overall capacity and efficiency ensure that we excel in completing tasks even on tight deadlines 


Say goodbye to the burden of managing global renewal and annuity payments. Sun IP’s renewal payment service enables you to effectively oversee your global IP portfolios via an easy-to-use platform.

Peace of mind & reduced risk

Strict processes, human data checks, and our experienced team guarantee accurate and timely renewal payments 

Increased efficiencies

One platform, one-click instructions, one invoice, and one point-of-contact 

Price transparency & certainty

Transparent pricing with no retroactive invoices or additional fees 


IP recordals, whether as standalone projects or in relation to renewals, are often regarded as an administrative chore. But failure to update IP rights can have serious implications. Our experienced team is on hand to ensure the entire recordals process is managed diligently and effectively. 

Centralized IP recordals

Our platform provides comprehensive management of all IP recordals, extending beyond renewals 

Instant Quotes

Simply enter your case details in our platform and gain instant access to accurate quotes

Reduced administrative workload

We act as a single point of contact minimizing your administrative load and communication needs

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