The brighter approach to

IP translation and foreign filing.

Sun IP’s mission

Industry-leading IP translation and foreign filing solutions

Our services are reinforced by advanced project management capabilities and cutting-edge technology that helps law firms and legal teams focus on what they do best.

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Quick Turnaround

Our dedicated team can fulfill complex IP translation and international patent filing projects on tight deadlines.

Excellent Quality

Sun IP’s team includes linguists with advanced degrees and subject matter expertise, talented proofreaders and engineers, as well as a network of vetted foreign associates in every major jurisdiction.

Cost Savings

Our clients reduce their translation spend by an average of 20-30%, while gaining access to a platform that helps them monitor and minimize costs.

Improved Efficiency

We provide project management capabilities and an intuitive platform that enables you to streamline your IP workflow and redirect valuable resources to higher priorities.

Greater transparency into process and price

The Sun IP Advantage

Our online platform elevates your productivity with features the allow for fast, accurate quotes, and real-time tracking of your projects. We make it easy to procure, monitor, and pay for IP translation and international patent filing services in as many languages and jurisdictions as you need.

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets, sticky notes, and scrambling through your inbox.

We provide a simple-to-use online platform, a single point-of-contact, and one invoice for each project. We’re flexible and can fit in when and where you need us. If you want to maintain relationships with your preferred foreign associates, simply provide their contact information and we will automatically send completed translations to them.

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Highest Quality

Technical, linguistic, regulatory, and project management expertise, at your service.

Global Reach

Experienced linguists, scientists, engineers, and foreign associates in over seventy countries.


Fast turnaround times and tools to help you achieve greater operational efficiency.

Cutting-edge Technology

An easy-to-use online platform bolstered by algorithmic features for enhanced accuracy and responsiveness.

Sectors We Support

Sun IP helps leading law firms and corporate legal teams protect their innovation around the world.

Aerospace & Defense
Clean Technology
Electrical & Computer Tech
Life Sciences
Medical Devices
Consumer Products

The Brighter Solution for Global IP

Learn why Sun IP has earned the trust of law firms and legal teams. We are ready to help you save resources and secure your intellectual property rights around the globe.

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