Elevating Your Patent
Maintenance Strategy

Simplify & streamline your approach to IP
maintenance for patents, designs, and utility
models worldwide.

Sun IP’s patent annuities payment services enable corporate legal teams and law firms to better manage their global patent portfolios through a simple and efficient platform. Our experienced annuities team coupled with cutting-edge technology will secure your patent rights around the globe instructing timely, and cost-effective payments accurately and efficiently.

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The smarter approach to managing patent maintenance payments starts with Sun IP.

Save time, better manage administrative resources, and achieve peace of mind for even the most complex global patent portfolios.

A single instruction, Invoice, and point-of-contact
Money Savings
Competitive, fixed pricing that is visible on the platform
Hand Shaking
Reliable, timely payments to patent offices around the world
Powerful technology for data verification and cost forecasting
Easy-to-use software platform that is free and operable alongside major IP management systems
Customer Service
Highly responsive and dedicated customer service in your region

What We Offer

Our team serves as an extension of yours —monitoring deadlines, issuing reminders, and updating you on annuity-related rules and official fee changes.

Efficiency, reliability, and consistency are at the core of everything we do.

We are committed to the highest standard in professional service and work flexibility to meet your specific needs and IP processes.

Excellence in client service, competitive pricing to better handle costs, and industry-leading quality standards managed by experts are brought together.

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Please Contact Us at annuities@sunip.com to learn how a brighter approach to patent annuities can meet your needs.

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